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  • Owners Gerald and Jed Cheramy, 4th &5th generations.
    Cheramy Concrete & Masonry is the product of 5 generations of cement and stone masons turned block layers and concrete finishers.  All this history started in the 1920's with Louis J. Cheramy who poured many of side walks in Clinton, IA where you still occasionally find his stamp reading L.J. Cheramy, Clinton, IA.  Louis then took his son to work along side him teaching his son Al Cheramy the trade.  Later Al would bring his son Jerry to work and teach him the trade.  Jerry then brought his sons to work and taught them the trade, one of the three sons being Gerald, his oldest boy.  Some time in the mid 1990's Gerald brought his son to work teaching him the trade that has been passed on through so many generations.  All of this taking place in Clinton, IA.

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